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Advanced Organization Development


Competitive Advantage Consultants, Inc.

Competitive Advantage Consultants, Inc. can meet your organizational needs for management and organization development with on-site consulting and training. Our specialty areas include:

  • Coaching and training organization leaders
  • Designing and implementing work teams
  • Planning and managing strategic organization change
  • Training and facilitating continuous process improvement
    (i.e., Kaizen methodology)
  • Designing performance management processes for planning, reviewing and recognizing employee performance and development
  • Developing strategic business plans
  • Mediating conflict resolution
  • Tailoring and delivering skill-building workshops
  • Assessing organization culture
  • Designing reward and recognition systems
  • Training and mentoring first-level supervisors and team advisors
  • Training and certifying internal facilitators
  • Establishing performance measurements and scorecards for
    monitoring results
  • Facilitating team-building workshops

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