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Satisfied clients include:

Alcoa • Boeing • BCBS • Verizon • Bosch Braking Systems • Nuclear Management Systems • Cummins Diesel • General Electric US & Canada • General Motors • Health First Medical Center • NASA • Nestle Foods • Xerox • Welbro Construction • Lakeland Regional Medical Center • Phillips Petroleum • Honeywell Europe • Herman Miller Furniture • Columbus Regional Medical Center • Sarasota County Government • Kansas City Government • Syncrude Canada


Details of Past Projects

Cummins Engine Company

Served as an internal Corporate Organization Effectiveness Consultant for ten years. Trained, facilitated, and advised strategic change at all levels of the organization. Responsible for the planning and implementation of Total Quality Assurance, Just-In-Time Manufacturing, Pay-for-skill acquisition, peer performance reviews, staff training, and productivity measures.

Holmes Regional Medical Center

Advised a hospital-wide steering committee in developing a vision and strategy for implementing self-directed work teams. Facilitated a re-engineering team in transforming a functionally-structured Hospice organization into patient-focused, cross-functional process teams.

Human Services Associates

Consulted with the Executive Team of this non-profit organization on their yearly strategic business planning process. Process resulted in a redefinition of the organization's mission, client base and culture, as well as shifts in structure and roles of leadership.

Nestlé Foods

Consulted to Union/Management steering committee in transforming their organization culture with teamwork and cooperation. Also trained and facilitated “Work Design Teams” in streamlining production flows using Kaizen methodology and institutionalizing continuous improvement through empowered teams.

Rohm & Haas

Consulted to project teams in designing pay-for-skills systems and team bonuses. This system recognized and rewarded team goal achievement and team empowerment.

Welbro Construction

Consulted to Executive Team in strategic business planning for expanding markets as well as acquisition and mergers. Their plan included the identification of new market niches and strategies for capitalizing on these opportunities.

Whirlpool Corporation

Consulted plant manager’s staff in reorganizing the management structure from a centralized, functional alignment to a decentralized, “focus factory.” This entailed planning, launching and implementing the new structure.

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