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Ten Techniques of Successful Self-Directed Work Teams

Source: Techniques of Successful Self-Directed Work Teams
by James Rollo

  1. Behavior Norms & Expectations
    What values andbehaviors are emphasized in a team?

  2. Leadership Roles In Teams
    What are typicalleadership roles in a team?

  3. Team Training
    What skill-building is neededby team members?

  4. Decision-Making Matrix
    Who makes whichdecisions in a team?

  5. Communication Plan - Managing Team Interfaces
    What does a team to do ensure good communication within and outside the team?

  6. Peer Feedback
    How do team members givedevelopmental feedback to one another?

  7. Performance Improvement Process
    What happenswhen a team member's behavior causes problems within the team?

  8. Goal Setting
    How are teams held accountablefor business results?

  9. Team Audit
    How do you know if a team isdeveloping and what adjustments to make?

  10. Recognition Systems
    How do you motivate andrecognize team and individual accomplishments?

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Source: Techniques of Successful
Self-Directed Work Teams

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